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Designed in Canada by EMBLEM®

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Featuring a crescent moon and an accent star.


316L Stainless Steel - premium quality surgical-grade stainless steel - with a mirror finish.


    Latin inscription: Luna lucem colligit quam somnia diurnalium creationum nostrorum illuminat.

    Translation: The moon gathers light that sparks the dreams of our daytime creations.

    receptivity | conceptualization | stillness

    The moon symbolizes the inherent strengths traditionally associated with the feminine principle: yin energy. It embodies the quality of stillness, allowing things to flow without taking direct action. The moon represents a time for observation and reflection, where we contemplate the various elements at play in a given situation. It is within this space that we gather and connect information, giving birth to new ideas and concepts. Regardless of gender identity, we all possess the energy of the moon, which sparks our imagination, nurtures our intuition, and helps us conceptualize ideas that we can later manifest through action. By embracing the stillness and introspection of the moon, we allow for the ebb and flow of life, complementing the dynamic action-oriented nature of the sun. This integration of both energies brings about a sense of wholeness and alignment within.

    Recognizing the balance between the moon and the sun (yin and yang) energies within ourselves is essential for cultivating a harmonious and balanced approach to life. Understanding when to tap into each energy becomes crucial for personal happiness and cultivating healthy relationships. 

    The alchemical ethos

    Be inspired by something beyond yourself to make changes from the inside out. What shifts inside, takes shape outside.

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    Made with premium surgical-grade 316L stainless steel:
    • hypoallergenic
    • non-tarnishing
    • scratch-resistant & durable
    • environmentally friendly & sustainable
    (of high recycled content and recapture rates - can be recycled without any loss in quality, into the same high-grade metal time and again perpetually repurposed)

    Clean with warm water, dish soap and a soft cloth. Rinse and dry well. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals and avoid contact with chlorinated pool water.