The inspiration for the concept behind Emblem takes us back to medieval Europe, where alchemists employed alchemical emblems – images rich in symbolic content – meticulously crafted to convey potent secret processes and messages of enlightenment.

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Medieval alchemists operated clandestinely due to persecution for their divergence from church doctrines. Serving as pioneers of modern chemistry, they conducted early scientific experiments during an era marked by limited knowledge about the physical world. A prevalent belief among them was the integration of their experiments with their personal spiritual enlightenment, as a pathway to unlock extraordinary outcomes. They held that the miraculous metamorphoses achievable in the material realm were contingent upon prior attainment in the spiritual realm—a principle encapsulated in the alchemical maxim 

'as above, so below.'

And so, through our branding, products, and messaging we delve into the essence of the alchemist's craft – an endeavour to unravel the enigmas of the metaphysical realm, translating them into remarkable shifts in the physical world.

In a world constantly undergoing evolutionary shifts, contemporary alchemists, who are on planet Earth at this time, are called to awaken their inner fire. This is a time to embark on a journey of self-discovery, to reclaim the suppressed aspects of themselves and fully reconnect with their innate essence – their inner gold. Illuminating their shadows, they step into their authentic light and embrace the best life that is theirs to live.

Our products are fuelled by this same inner fire – wearable emblems that function as bridges connecting our physical expressions with our inner truths. Our symbolic designs are intended to ground higher energies into our everyday lives and unique personalities. With every piece we create, we invite you to embrace the alchemical journey within, where ancient wisdom and contemporary fashion converge, uniting the realms of the seen and the unseen.


Our accessories are designed with the intention to serve as conduits for self-expression, transformation, and connection with the deeper truths that lie within us. They are made for those who express themselves through the products they wear.

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Emblem designs are inspired by symbols found in medieval alchemical emblems and intended to connect our physical expression to our deeper truth. Each symbol carries a specific meaning that resonates with the values, emotions, and latent powers within us. 

Our jewelry is thoughtfully created to empower those who wear it, enabling them to embody their highest self while silently communicating what lies beneath the surface. The symbols serve as subtle reminders, prompting us throughout the day to recall our guiding principles and steering us toward actions and beliefs aligned with our consciousness.

We have added Latin inscriptions that describe the meaning, philosophy, and alchemical power behind the specific design. 

We've crafted a distinctive product, intentionally fitting to any gender, offering an alternative to conventional spiritually-themed jewelry, channelling the essence of transformation in a contemporary form.

Our products are a statement of style that are built to last, for both you and the planet. We only use 316L surgical-grade stainless steel to make our products. This choice of material features certain key qualities important to us to ensure the best experience for you in the long term. Its inherent resistance to tarnishing and hypoallergenic nature ensure both the beauty and comfort of our pieces, while its exceptional durability guarantees longevity.
As a commitment to sustainable design, we prioritize materials that harmonize with the environment and stay clear of cluttering landfills for generations to come. Stainless steel’s impressive recycled content and recapture rates classify it as a highly sustainable material, reducing strain on resources and minimizing environmental impact. One of stainless steel's most compelling features lies in its full recyclability. Unlike many other materials, stainless steel can be recycled without any loss in quality, transforming into the same high-grade metal time and again perpetually repurposed for new stainless steel creations.




Our brand is born from a spiritual awakening and a journey of personal growth. These elements form the essence of our brand's DNA, concept, and the inspiration behind our designs. We aim to connect with individuals who embrace personal growth, regardless of their faith or belief systems. By using our voice, we strive to elevate collective consciousness and promote overall well-being. Our jewelry serves as personal totems, empowering wearers to channel specific energies in their daily lives. While we are spiritual but not religious, we are passionate about creating spiritually-themed jewelry that breaks away from traditional designs.


Originality is the cornerstone of our identity. We embrace our uniqueness, making us one-of-a-kind in a world of infinite possibilities. Our designs, story and concept are entirely our own, and we take pride in being authentically different.

Our products are a fusion of inspiration, knowledge, and wisdom, giving rise to creations that have a richer and deeper diemsion. Each Emblem design is crafted to inspire and ignite creativity, empowering wearers to express their individual essence.


Every individual should be appreciated and respected for who they are.

We proudly stand with the LGBTQ+ community, honoring and embracing all gender identities. Our products are intentionally designed to be all-gender-inclusive, ensuring that everyone feels seen, represented, and valued.

We believe in celebrating ethnic contrasts and cultivating positive and appropriate dialogues that that unite us rather than divide. 

Our products are for anyone of any age who feels like an old soul with a child at heart.


The mark of an alchemist is embracing our authentic selves and living an ethics-driven life. The truth isn't always perfect but it's worthy by the essence of what it is. We believe in being true to who we are and how we conduct our business and allowing those with whom it feels in alignment to gravitate towards us.

And we understand that by embracing the journey of inner growth, we tap into the transformative magic of being authentically true to oneself.


We believe in transcending societal conditioning and conventions that hinder us from reaching our fullest potential. Being bold is a commitment to removing our masks and acting in alignment with our uncorrupted selves. Boldness is that daring spark propelling us forward, pushing boundaries, and embracing the excitement that lies in the unknown. It's having the courage to take action, even when faced with discomfort because we understand that greatness lies beyond our comfort zones.

We encourage everyone to forge their own distinctive paths with bold steps and determination, creating the most fulfilling life possible.


    All Emblem products are designed in-house in our office, in Canada. We pride ourselves in the originality and thoughtfulness that goes into the conceptualization of our products.


    Steel being a very hard metal to work with, all our products are machine-made with specialized equipment. We do not make our own products but work with a trusted overseas manufacturer.


    Stainless steel doesn’t require the use of much fuel or any chemicals for its manufacturing process. It can be recycled repeatedly making it a good choice for sustainability. We use paper-based packaging only.


Mayu T. (she/her) stands as the heart and soul behind the Emblem brand. Born in the Philippines, she grew up in Switzerland and now calls Canada home. Her professional journey began with formal training in high-end watches and jewelry design in Switzerland. Along the way, she garnered recognition through awards from names like Piaget and Hans Wilsdorf (Rolex), and she also had the privilege of interning with Cartier.

Despite the allure of prestigious and renowned brands, the value she placed on the freedom of her own creative expression led her away from the high-end design space. Guided by an inner voice to carve out her unique path, she was driven to establish Emblem in 2023. The seeds of which were planted back in 2012, when she began dreaming and conceptualizing the brand's essence.

Emblem serves as a reflection of her journey and dedication to authenticity, resulting in wearable art that resonates with the very essence of its wearers.

"I have so much love for Emblem because it has purpose and meaning behind it. For me, it's been a magical experience bringing it into existence. I consider that it has not been my work alone but a co-creation with something greater than myself that has been guiding me.

I invite you to join me in this world where jewelry tells a story beyond beauty, embracing the power of imagination and creativity."

- Mayu

Emblem is a small operation located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, where the abundance of natural beauty is a source of reverence for what is sacred in our world and ourselves.  We acknowledge the privilege we hold to be able to operate on the unceded traditional territories of the xʷməθkʷəy̓əm (Musqueam), Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish) and Sel̓íl̓witulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations. We recognize the current and ongoing healing of the heart and spirit of our local collective and will contribute to it, in the ways that we can.